Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Little Monday Night Football

So last night I had the wonderful opportunity of attending one of the Patriots' pre-season practice sessions at Gillette Stadium. For those of you who don't know me, I have a deep passion for the sport of Football. Everything about it makes me giddy! My adrenaline starts pumping when I enter the stadiums and smell the fried goodness, see the face paint, watch the girls lead some cheers, hear the fans' chants and stompings shaking the rows and see my players all ready for some action.

I love football, and I always have. I chose to do cheerleading in 5th grade because I wanted to be there on the field with the boys, but would have lost all of my friends if I had done that as a player. I was the only girl to play touch football with the boys during recess in elementary school, and I was darn good a it! (What I've failed to mention is that my cootie shots were not in effect back then, so had any boy touched me they would have been infected from this deadly virus. As you might guess, I was always the first pick for this very reason) Later in high school, I played on my junior year's powder puff team as a Linebacker, and I shredded that field. By preventing the opposing grade from ever advancing more than half the field (like 25 yards, we were already playing on a field half the size of the standard fields), and "accidentally" tackling the senior running back when she tried illegally hiding her flags, I claimed the mvp title. I was even rewarded after a few of my plays with taunts of "She's a Mormon!" aimed towards the senior class.

It's clear, I was born to play football.

But alas, I am but a little girl, and although I held my own amongst my equals, I would be slaughtered by the 3 hundred pound men that play professionally today. Therefore, I am forced to take my place as a member of the team in the stands. Although I do favor the Patriots as my NFL team, my heart truly belongs to the men in blue and white over at Lavell's. And with Sorenson joining our team this year, you'd better believe we're going to go far! I can't wait for this fall! And you'll know exactly where to find me every game, snow, sleet or shine. Rise and Shout baby!

And my brother Luke also wanted me to mention how dreamy he thinks Tom Brady is. I suspect a little man-crush.

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Sir Luke said...

What? I'm not allowed to say another man is dreamy? What's this world coming to? Question Marks.