Friday, August 1, 2008

The Legend of Crystal Clear

After a few months of living my life vicariously through the blogs of family and friends, I have decided to enter the world that is "the blogosphere". Seeing as how I have a whopping two people who are even aware of my attempt at entering the blog world, this is my official welcome.

So, welcome Crystal!

As for my blog name: A few years ago I babysat a few families pretty regularly, and one day I learned that one of the little boys I babysat, about 6 years old (I think), told his aunt who I was pretty good friends with, that my name was Crystal Clear. He truly believed that that was indeed my name, and would ask for "Crystal Clear" to babysit whenever his parents went out. With the encouragement of said aunt, he also would address me personally as Crystal Clear, and that became the family's nickname for me. Where this boy concocted the notion that this was my real name remains a mystery to me to this day. And that my dear friends (that's right! All two of you! Maybe 3 if my brother tells his wife about this!) is the legend of Crystal Clear.

Now onto some real business. 50% of my two readers have asked that I do a post about a pair of moccasins I will be receiving at the end of the summer. These beautiful babies

are my extremely early birthday gift from my sister Michelle. So thank you Michelle, and remind me to thank you again in 4 months when real thanks is due. Most everyone knows I have a shoe fetish, and these genuine moccasins will be a first in my collection.

P.S. I am currently a science major, so any comments on my spelling or grammar in this or future posts I will deem null.


Sir Luke said...

looks good!

MegRuth said...


I love mocs! I had a pair that I bought in New York in 2004 and I barely gave them up this summer. They were thrashed.

I'm so glad you're blogging!

Jesse Stay said...

I want an early birthday gift!