Friday, May 8, 2009


So I started this post a long time ago pre-Junior Core, but I still wanted to let everyone know how much I love my brother and how much he has done for me.

This is my brother. Aka Brudah Ben/Ben-JAMMIN/Ben-hamin. He has a beautiful wife Rebekah (aka BK) and a new baby son James.

Now what you readers may not know is I owe a lot of my success to this brother. A LOT. He's the reason I have my job at the BYU Law School, he helped me switch over to the accounting major when I had a crisis the first day of classes last year, he got me onto the winning team for xTAX, he let me steal his mutual fund idea and picked out the fund that I used, he's shown me the tricks to getting good grades and what teachers/classes I should take in college, he invited me over to play when I had nothing else to do, he's the reason I got my internship this summer, and he set me up with a SWEET high interest savings account where I could make 3 times as much interest as I was before with no downsides (if you want in on this, let me know and I'll hook you up!). And he did all of this without asking me for a single thing in return! Amazing, right?! (Although he did used to joke about me paying him 5% of all of the money I got as a result of his help . . . )

Ben graduated from BYU this past April with a BS in Accounting, and a Masters in Taxation, and he's now moving on into the next phase of his life where he'll be working and raising his family in Virginia. This means that he is no longer around the corner from me where he can help me with all of my school/life problems. So I just wanted to let him and everyone else know that I'm going to miss him, and how amazing he is, and that's why I'm devoting this post to my brother Ben!

The Top 5 Reasons I Love Ben Stay

5. Over the years Ben has given me great advice: dating, school, Church, work, you name it and he's given it!

4. He helps me know how to improve myself. I give him a hard time about this one a lot because sometimes it sounds like criticizing, but I know he's only doing it because he wants the best for me and wants me to succeed.

3. Ben is always willing to help. Whenever I was stuck in a predicament out at school, he was there to help get me out.

2. He's just like me! Yup, Ben is basically me in boy form. Out of my family, I am the most like him in terms of both personality and brains.

1. The number one reason I love Benjamin James Stay is his amazing wife BK. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and gives a mean haircut too!

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