Thursday, November 20, 2008

Generation Tax

So I'm not sure if the blog world knows this yet, but I have changed my major over from molecular biology to accounting (I know, I'm still a little embarrassed to admit that because of all the grief I have given accounting before). My dad and my brother have been bugging me for years to do accounting, and they only stopped this year after I told them how adamantly I was against accounting and was going into cancer research. Well my theory is that the second they stopped trying to make me be like them, I realized the true value of the major (I'm not going to lie, the frequent free food involved was one of the major factors that made me switch over. Nobody takes molecular biologists out to dinner for free).

Well anyways, Ben, being the cool big brother he is, decided to recruit me for his xtax team this year. Sure it may have only been because he needed 2 sophomores on his team and I fit that description, but I try to convince myself it's because he just loves me so much and wanted to spend as much time with me as possible since it is after all his last year here at BYU. Well either way, he recruited me and we set off on our adventure.

The Competition: PWC's Xtreme Tax aka xtax

The Team: "Generation Tax" or as we have been nicknamed, "GenTax"

The Members: Benjamin Stay (the leader), Lauren Inouye (the brains), James Barker (Mr. Classy), Tyler Juergens (Golden Boy), and Crystal Stay (Baby Sis')

The Mission: To rid the country of Tarafina of pollution and save its valued natural resources through the election of Alfredo Dumont, "The Green Choice Candidate" who, through alterations to the Tarafina tax code, will take down all polluters alike.

The Victors (Try not to dwell on the lameness of my outfit, I don't have a suit yet)

So our group of 5 competed last Friday against BYU's best - the accounting majors. There were 15 teams competing this year, and let me tell you, they brought their a-game. Well of course being Team Stay . . . I mean team Generation Tax, we pulled out victorious and won the grand prize. The rewards? $250 and a chance of going to Nationals in D.C. They only pick 5 teams out of 80 schools that compete, and we will find out if we have made it the week of December 8th, so wish us luck!


Sir Luke said...

Wait, what happened to Law?

$250 each, or total?

Is Ben balding?

Crystal said...

Law is still a possibility if I want to after I finish accounting. So I'll see if I want to keep going to school after I've already done like 5 years.

Yes $250 each, and if we go to nationals we get another $2500 each.

And I don't know, Ben doesn't think he is though.